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  GuardTower IT Care Service   Are the computer systems you rely upon to run your business not working consistently and as expected?

GuardTower IT Care Service
  At Guardian Solutions, our focus is to keep your IT systems operational, available and secure so that you can focus on the everyday demands of expanding your business, managing costs and increasing revenues. We’re here to help you realize the productivity gains and ROI you have been expecting from your computer systems all along.

The GuardTower™ IT Support Service by Guardian Solutions consists of various service level offerings that provide affordable proactive IT management and support..

Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, Guardian Solutions provides a range of proactive services designed to optimize your technology investment and maximize the productivity of your people and business.
It’s about a proactive preventative approach to IT systems management This is possible through the use of a series of “Best Practices” that we have developed over years of collective experience.

Best practices for tasks such as:
• Spyware Protection and Removal
• Virus Protection
• Disk Drive Analysis
• Security Patch Management
• System Auditing
• Backup and Disaster Recovery
  It not just about monitoring...  
Best practices that are embodied in an automated state-of-the-art infrastructure that gives you immediate response time, access to resources and proactive solutions.

Our technology expertise becomes your competitive advantage.
  Desktop Management Server Management Network Management  
  GuardTower™ provides a complete desktop support and management solution for every computer in your organisation. We use the best tools and proactive service processes to ensure that your computers - whether they be PC's or Mac's - are functioning properly and protected from threats.

But sometimes that's not enough. When your employees need more help, our industry-leading service team is available to them around the clock, ensuring that they get immediate response to stay productive.
  The nucleus of your small business network is without a doubt your servers. They house critical applications, databases, and email functionality. Your servers are mission critical for the overall success of your business and health of your network.

We understand how vital your server environment is to the life of your business; that’s why we deploy the most technologically advanced tools to help us monitor the most critical aspects of your server environment and manage the performance of your servers on-demand and in real time
  Your company’s infrastructure is a crucial element to its success; requiring regular care to perform at an optimal level. GuardTower™ monitors the overall health of your network daily, ensuring your technology maintains its best condition possible.

By proactively maintaining your network, our technology specialists are able to pinpoint issues before they surface, preventing your company from expensive downtime and other complications. As your business grows, we will help to ensure you have the right resources in place to sustain its development.
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