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  Hospitality Solutions
  Together with our premier partner NetComm, Guardian Solutions offers a complete range of internet, network and wireless solutions for the hospitality industry.

We specialise in a range of solutions suited to businesses of all sizes - from small pubs and clubs, through to motels, hotels, serviced apartments and even retirement villages.
  NetComm Broadband Solutions  
  Wireless HotSpots      
  Demand for high speed Internet access in locations outside the home or office is growing rapidly, creating a fresh pportunity for those who can meet these market demands.

What is a Hotspot?
NetComm’s Hotspot solutions are wireless gateways that come with built-in accounting, authentication and access (AAA). The hotspot connects to a modem and to your broadband connection, and will broadcast a wireless signal that provides Internet connection for up to 100 users at a time from a single location.

How does a Hotspot work?
The NetComm Hotspot comes with a built-in accounting and billing system that allows you to sell Internet access in blocks of minutes, hours or days. You set the rate, you sell the time and you collect the cash.

A printer is included and is used to generate user names and passwords and to print receipts. The three buttons correlate to three time and price settings, these are flexible and you choose what you would like to charge and for how much time.

To ensure fast and efficient processing of sales just punch the buttons for the required amount of access time and out prints the receipt which includes user name, password, time purchased and price.

When the users time expires the NetComm Hotspot will disconnect their computer from the internet.

NetComm Wireless HotSpot Setup
  NetComm HS960 Wireless HotSpot

How secure is a hotspot?
NetComm’s Hotspots use in-built Layer 2 security, which prevents a user from accessing another users data traffic. Built-in SSL login provides safe and secure authentication protection at all times.

NetComm’s Hotspots take advantage of IP Plug and Play technology, which instantly recognises a new user and all TCP/IP configurations. User IP addresses are setup automatically, which means your customers do not need to adjust the settings or alter the configuration of their wireless Notebook or handheld PDA.
  Demand for high speed Internet access in locations outside the home or office is growing rapidly. Typically these new environments include hotels, motels, accommodation venues, university dorms, retirement villages, assisted living complex’s and even serviced office buildings. Traditionally users would need to individually subscribe for Internet services, however with the NetComm range of IP DSLAM’s, business and property owners can now capitalize on this market demand.

A NetComm IP DSLAM allows the use of copper wire pairs (found in most properties to run conventional analog telephone systems) to deliver triple play services, including high speed Internet, VoIP and movies and content on demand.

Who can benefit from a NetComm DSLAM solution?
A NetComm IP DSLAM is an ideal solution for any form of multiple dwelling or multiple tenanted complex that has telephone lines installed in the building.

Hotels can offer flexible guest services, including
? Internet access to the corporate traveller who requires HSIA to work whilst away from the office
? Access to internet banking
? Email and online services to the traveller
? VoIP and content on demand services as additional revenue generating services.
  NetComm NCT240 IP DSLAM

Why install a IP DSLAM?
It is an effective way to utilise existing building infrastructure to offer high speed internet access to guests and tenants and to create an additional revenue stream.
An IP DSLAM is a cost effective option when compared to other solutions such as running CAT5 cable, and offers a viable alternative to wireless in large and multi story dwellings.
  Managed Network Service      
  Introducing the NetAssure service.

NetAssure is a remotely managed network service that provides businesses the security and control needed in today’s business environment, to increase productivity and save money by reducing the unnecessary workload of in-house IT resources. It’s an all-in-one Internet business network solution that allows all business types to connect to their network anywhere in the world, control and monitor Internet usage as well as protect the network from all sorts of threats.

NetAssure works by combining equipment at the user’s location with a remote Network Operations Centre. Similar to the way in which pay TV companies install a box in your home, the NetAssure equipment is set up by an engineer* and access is provided on a monthly package basis. Individual configuration is then undertaken by the user through a simple interface designed with the non-IT professional in mind.

The NetAssure service brings optimal performance and comprehensive security and control to your broadband internet connection. In one simple system.

More than just a box. - Combining hardware and software as well as a managed service, the NetAssure service provides features and functionality usually found in separate traditional internet security devices.

Control. Speed. Security. - The NetAssure service ensures you have the level of control and the information you need to proactively manage your broadband connection. That can mean getting the best from your communications, web, email and VoIP and making sure your business is protected from the dangers of internet connection.

Productivity. Savings. It also means you can monitor productivity in the workplace and be advised of any problems to ensure disruption to your business is minimised. You get as much control at your finger tips as you need.

The NetAssure service has been designed to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on your business not your internet connection.
  NetAssure from NetComm

Ease of access
With your NetAssure gateways administered via the NetAssure website, you have secure access from any computer with an internet connection.

Central Management
Through the central server network, the NetAssure team work behind the scenes, constantly updating the NetAssure service to make sure you have the latest security and features available.

NetAssure from NetComm

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